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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday morning coffee

This week I wore a black wool crepe sheath and a black and white cardigan to work. At the end of the day I wondered why I ever wear anything else to earn my living.

I was so comfortable and I felt chic.

Why do we wear those stiff old man suits? When I worked in a more formal job a while ago we all wore suits. I used to go to a great second-hand boutique where the owner saved designer jackets for me and I would take them home and make skirts to match. I figured it was the only way I could afford a wardrobe of expensive suits when I had so little sewing time.

But I was never all that comfortable and most of those time those jackets hung on the back of my chair.

But Michele Obama changed all that. I am a great admirer of the Madame Obama (not the least of which is because I think she gives an even better speech than her husband and I used to write political speeches) and love the ease of her clothing. I love the way she has introduced personality and femininity into a tough job.

And this morning over my coffee a NY Times op. ed. put it all into words for me:

.... she certainly promotes a healthy sense of enjoyment and individuality in fashion. With her brio and idiosyncratic clothing choices, Mrs. Obama has rewritten the dress code for women who work. We wear cardigans now instead of always jackets, flats instead of impossibly high platform heels. We have a little fun with fashion, even to the point of being more frivolous.

I also think she is an absolute well of inspiration for anyone who possesses a TNT dress pattern. Just look at this dress she wore to talk to Wal-Mart:

I love the collar on that grey dress and am going to be adding it to my own TNT sheath just as soon as I down tools on the Ten White Shirts


NuJoi said...

We're always taught to dress for the next level up at work. I love the fact the Mrs. O has made dresses more acceptable for all levels. I save inspiration pics of her outfits and not one of them is a suit.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I also like her style.
I wear a uniform (combats) and even though it is not very stylish it is very comfortable,including the boots. I do however look forward to the day that I can wear civilians "all" the time :)))

Karen in VA said...

Mrs. O is one remarkable woman - on so many levels. I also love her fashion sense. I bought a bunch of cardigans this winter, but no suits.. Cardigans are so much more comfortable and versatile.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Well you know I'm a huge fan of Michelle Obama's and love the fact that a style of dress (cardigan & sheath dress) that I was wearing has been promoted to the forefront of the national fashion consciousness.

But there are times in business where you do need a jacket. It just is...the thing is to find the right jacket. The one that wears like that cardigan sweater with your dress.

Personally I've sworn off the lapeled collared jacket. I'm not comfortable in it and I don't look good. But trying to find just the right type of jacket that I can make 12 ways into Sunday is a journey I'm still on.

I'm so happy you were comfortable and enjoyed wearing the dress/cardigan look!