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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review of the first white shirt, finally

Here is my first shirt, McCalls 6035 views of all sides.

Here are my general thoughts on this first shirt, and on some of the issues with white shirts in general.

First of all I am pleased with the upper body fit. The multi-sized pattern with the different bust sizes worked very well for me, I used a D. Such a great short cut to compared to the dreaded FBA..

However I added to the waist and hips exactly the difference between my larger waist and hips than the pattern and the result is far too flared at the hips for me, you can see this at the front, which I have pulled out a bit for this picture. Note to self - baste and fit. I don't have curve to my hips so having a shape in the garment that isn't in the body doesn't make sense.

I really liked the sleeves in this pattern, they added some style to an otherwise standard shirt and because the sleeves are 3/4 the round band at the bottom, rather than a true cuff, worked fine - it was loose enough to be comfortable, but small enough to take the gathering.

I also used a 100% cotton broadcloth which was lovely to work with and about heavy enough to cover. I don't like a shirt fabric in white that is so thin folks can count your bra hooks or see the exact design of the lace on your bra.

I was glad I finished the seams carefully, with my French seam faux flat felled - with a white fabric you really need to keep the seams neat or they will show messy from the right side.

I wish the collar points were a bit stiffer since I wear this open, but I was happy with the general and very comfortable stiffness of the collar in general. The issue of collar stays bears further investigation.

All in all I am very happy with this shirt and have realized that it goes with every bottom in my wardrobe. How cool is that?


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your shirt looks wonderful on you. What a great addition if it goes with everything you have. Can;t beat that :)

Towanda said...

You look great in your shirt. Congrads on finishing your first shirt.

KID, MD said...

Fabulous white shirt! Those sleeves are great!

a little sewing on the side said...

Barbara, your new shirt looks wonderful! I love the style. The fit is beautiful - this is miles and miles better than RTW at any price.
I bet this will get lots of wear and you'll feel great with every wearing.

Rose said...

Your shirt looks great, Barbara! Congratulations on the great job with #1!

Deb said...

Well done, your first white shirt looks fabulous, can't wait to see the next one(s) ...

Anonymous said...

Your shirt looks fantastic. Great fit and looks excellent on you!

Karen in VA said...

What a beautiful shirt...what a fabulous job on it..

Ms.Alethia said...

Great looking shirt! I was "thinking" about my 1st white shirt , cut out and still sitting on the table, hmmm! :)

Anonymous said...

A great shirt! Actually, to me the hip part doesn't look too flared on the pictures; instead I would perhaps make the shoulder about 1/2 inch narrower, but that's really up to individual taste, the shirt looks great as it is. I love the sleeves, they really upgrade a basic shirt to something special.