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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I had a great time last night and intend to do everything I can to enjoy 2011 as much as I can.

My husband and I did a little babysitting, and rather than going out later to parties he made a wonderful supper, lobster and a fruit plate. He then lit firecrackers on the front lawn, enjoyed by the little boys down the street, and afterwards we slow danced in the kitchen in our pajamas.

I figured that was just about a perfect evening.

Now this morning I am starting in implementing my New Year's resolution. Here it is:

Sew more. A lot more.

Enough with fitting sewing in around all my other duties. I am putting it back on first. See enjoy 2011 as much as I can above.

This is what that is looking like:

1. Major organization of the sewing room, started this morning in the same outfit I wore dancing last night. I will be posting some pictures of this. Right now it involves putting the fabric I actually think I will be sewing, like all my white shirt fabrics, out on shelves and putting what I am calling "all that weird shit" into boxes for the moments when that is exactly what I need.

2. Learning to use the very nice camera that my husband gave me for Christmas after having reviewed my blog. So I can take better pictures of what I sew.

3. I upgraded my PMB software to version 5 yesterday. I had fabulous success with a well-fitted sheath a few years ago with version 3 but got bogged down getting the pants to work, probably user error more than anything. Some women in the local sewing guild say the new version is easier and more effective. It's not so much that I have fitting issues as it is that I get frustrated sometimes trying to find a pattern in a style I see in the collections or magazines. For instance I really want a slimmer pant right now, not a trouser and not a skinny jeans. I think a couple of us locally are going to be working on getting proficient on the software.

4. I'm going to buy more fabric in 2011. Yes, I love fabric and living in this fabric purchasing wasteland I just need and want more on hand. See enjoy myself above.

5. Get those shirts going again now the Christmas production cycle is over. Dying to get this started.

Now I have a major question for you. Any great ideas for a good shirt collar interfacing? I prefer a sewn-in and don't want one of those cardboardy kinds you find in so many men's shirts.

What works for you?


KayY said...

I look forward to your posts on PMB5 which I also have but have not yet had time to explore.

Re interfacing, Pam Erny (www.fashionsewingsupply.com) has a sale on her interfacings, starting today! She has a sew-in which she says is great for shirts - called Pro Woven Standard light-weight interfacing.

LisaB said...

Kay beat me to it. I was going to suggest the same thing. Note, though, that the URL Kay supplied is for U.S. customers only. The home page provides a link for customers outside the U.S. Of course, we know you have your ways of having your goods delivered in the U.S. :-)

Shannon said...

Happy New Year!

I always enjoy reading your posts - so glad you share yourself with us.

The Simple Romantic said...

Thanks for the interfacing link to add to MY plans!

Bonne Annee! (I know I missed an accent somewhere)

Patty said...

Love this post, and the note about "all that weird shit" made me smile!! Thanks :-) and Happy New Year!

a little sewing on the side said...

Happy New Year! I just bought some interfacing from Pam Erny, too, but I got woven fusible interfacing. We'll see what everyone has to say about their various methods. I am also looking forward to sewing white shirts in 2011. That and I want to hear your thoughts on PMB5.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I was laughing out loud at the buy more fabric goal! Your poor husband will need one very large suitcase for his trips home from the states. Just imagine, every time we announce a sale, you can just ship it to him and eventually all of that lusciousness will get home to you.

So I think I'm going to help you out here as much as possible! *LOL* Maybe by encouraging you, I will actually buy less!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Happy New Year!
I've enjoyed reading your blog.

BetsyV said...

I wish I knew what it is that I use for DH's shirts. It's firm but not stiff. Thanks to KayY for the link to a non-fusible woven on Pam Erny's site though. I didn't realize she had any non-fusibles.

FWIW, I used silk organza to interface the linen shirts I made DH, collar, stand, front plackets and cuffs.

velosewer said...

All the best for the New Year.
I'm still in the middle of getting organised, and I'm actually getting there - this time:)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year,it sounds like you had a really lovely one! I plan on making another white shirt this year, your Sew-Along inspired me to make two in 2010. I hope you get more sewing time in 2011.