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Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Saturday

First of all I want to thank all of you who have left such supportive posts about my poor sick dog. 

He is still at the vets on an IV but he refuses to eat and drink by himself. I have been going over to try to feed him, have made and taken over food he likes, and although he is alert and fairly bright he just won't eat. I will talk it over with my old and favourite vet when he is in on Monday. If by then, about a week, he still doesn't feel well enough to eat I think I will bring him home Tuesday, all he wants is to get to the door and get out of there, and see how we do. If he won't eat at home either then he is telling us he is just too sick. They have pretty much tried all they can do.

I am learning something from all of this. One of these is patience. I know that when you are sick it is sometimes hard to believe you will ever feel better, and it is important sometimes just to hang on. I am sort of doing that on his behalf this weekend. The other thing I am getting to appreciate is that I can see that sickness and suffering can have a purpose, and that is that it gets you both ready to let go. That is  a necessary thing and how much harder would it be if dying denied you that?

So I am still hopeful but understand that we will understand the outcome in a few days.

So this weekend I am going to mark a few papers and sew.

Best thing to do.


Lori said...

I am so sorry your dog is not feeling well. I hope he gets better soon.

Shannon said...

It's so difficult to watch a beloved pet decline in health. But, there is certainly something to be said for hope and persistence. You just never know - I have witnessed some very sick animals rally and come back to a state of good health given some time, so you are wise to be patient. I will be keeping both of you in my thoughts.