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Thursday, November 18, 2010

On a good dress and those voices in your head

What a couple of weeks.

First my vet called and the expensive bloodwork they had sent off to Toronto for Rascal came back. 

Summary is they spent a week treating the wrong thing, and were almost ready to suggest he be put down, but missed what was found when I had the tests re run Saturday. With the right treatment now he is more or less back to his old self. I think it is hard to diagnosis dogs since they can't talk. 

This experience makes me wonder about all those times a little voice is trying to tell us something and we push it back down because it doesn't make sense. 

Maybe making sense isn't the best thing to be doing all the time. I think paying more attention to gut feelings, not swatting them away, is going to be a job I set out for myself.

Secondly I got a call from an acquaintance of mine to ask me if I would be a guest at their table for a Black tie and Bingo fundraiser. A lot of places have these to raise money these days. Basically everyone dresses up to the nines and they give you dinner and then you all play bingo. A lot of laughs actually - seeing all those men in their bow ties with daubers.

Since it was a fundraiser to raise money for student scholarships  (a cause dear to my heart) I went, but of course had to think of what I had to wear - fortunately I still have my Vogue meet the Queen dress so I hauled that out.

I felt perfectly dressed and was so pleased in my generally non-glamorous lifestyle to be able to wear it again.

This made me think of the whole issue of fancy dresses.

I don't know about you but I get horribly stressed whenever I have to make something for an event like a wedding or some kind of do. I always feel too pressured, can't find the right pattern or fabric when I need it and generally don't like what I wear.

I decided last night to take a new approach and make sure I keep something in my wardrobe  really dressy on standby. So often I see a fancy dress in Vogue and say I would like to make that but don't know where I would wear it. From now on I am going to just make it and consider myself set for whatever shows up. That would take the pressure off sewing to deadline and give me time to enjoy the process.

Lastly. best news is that I have three days I can see ahead of me for white shirt sewing interwoven with final paper marking from my students.

About time.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I am so happy to hear your dog is doing better.

My Barcelona blouse for my shirt project is all fitted and now I am ready to cut into my fabric.

I think it is a great idea to have something glamorous in our closet...maybe another sew-a-long project :)))))))

celkalee said...

Big hug to your Rascal, hope he is on the mend. Growing up my Mother always had a plan for appropriate dress. Our day to day wardrobes were a little thin (that is why I learned to sew) but our special dresses were always at the ready. Always had a funeral dress, black, little or no ornamentation, cleaned, pressed and in a protective bag. Church clothes, also very conservative suits, dresses and coats. And always a new Christmas and Easter outfit. Now, in middle age, I find I have way too many special clothes and day to day is getting thin again. I work from home now so the business wardrobe isn't needed. I am now working on casual tunics and T's and comfy pants and jeans. I have a white shirt or two in the planning stages as well. Just found your blog, Enjoy it very much.

RuthieK said...

Glad Rascal is doing better. I have one (purchased) dressy red dress and haul it out for Christmas and weddings, it did sit in the closet for quite some time before the first appropriate occasion came up, I do need a little black shrug to wear with it this Christmas party season though.