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Saturday, October 2, 2010

UFOs and pattern give-away

This has been a busy school week, articulating why I gave up working with adults to work with kids. "Sorry I missed that test but I had a medical emergency ... jewelry allergy." The thing about people in their very early twenties is that they take the small issues in life so seriously and don't take the big issues seriously at all.

The kind of stuff that drives you crazy when you are a parent but gives you lots of laughs, and helps you keep your own perspective, when you work with them.

On the sewing front I have decided to finish off the last of outstanding UFOs - a wool crepe sheath that I am planning on also using as a sort of jumper, and a shell and one of those drapey cozy things that I cut out last year and need to finish since this winter is probably the last one that they will be in style. I have already cut a lot of length off it because I decided having those long pointy things hanging out from under my winter coat wouldn't be an entirely cool look.

I have also decided to race through my pattern give-aways. Sending them out one at a time is going to take me a while, and as far as postage goes, putting more than one pattern in the envelope is efficient.

So I have decided to group my patterns with descriptive names and post them for give-aways, starting later today.

Now mind you I will not be insulted if you look at some of these and say "what was she thinking" in fact I may have a group called just that. And I know that there may be some in each group you don't like, and some you may wonder why I ever picked them up at the yard sale.

The point is that every pattern I can send out is one that I no longer feel I should be making use of and having that off my to-do list (and onto yours) is quite freeing.

I also really like the woman at my local Canada Post office and excursions to see is never time wasted.

So later today "Very weird vintage"

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