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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Simplicity 2568

At the end of last winter I picked up a couple of pair of really great leggings - very heavy, good quality knit, and super comfortable to wear, I thought around the house, or for shopping, dog-walking - things like that.

What I soon discovered was that I had few tops that really worked with these leggings. Few that looked simple and comfortable without looking messy and too Big Shirtish, and weren't too short for my seasoned figure. I also wanted to save my serious sewing time for dresses so have been on the look-out for easy-to-sew comfortable top patterns that would work with my leggings.

Simplicity 2568 was one I tried.

Now this is a woven pattern but it had sort of an interesting very retro shape ( I think I wore exactly this top, as a dress, in high school). I decided to try it in some rayon/anonymous double knit I had at the bottom of the old Rubbermaid boxes (there must be a lot of fabric in those containers all over this continent).

I cut my usual size, but went down to a 12 at the neckline as an experiment and added 13" to the length. Of course as this was a knit I disregarded the zipper and made this just a pull-on number. I realized that there was not a lot to this pattern, just a front and a back really, as the sleeves are cut-on dolmans - so I added the little tab buckle things that was in the view for the short top for some interest.  I miscalculated when I placed these tabs though, and they ended up at belly level, breaking my rule to make sure absolutely everything I sew a detraction from my Worst Feature. I most definitely wish these buckles were about waist height.

That said I really like this top. I wanted something to go over leggings that didn't look too much like a gathered maternity top, and something I could wear my wide assortment of short fitted knit tops and T shirts under in colder weather.

This is a pretty loose but I like it, feels so comfortable without being sloppy. I already have another one cut out.

These tops, with leggings would be great to wear for my precious staying at home and sewing days, and that is probably where I will wear them.

One more detail that I want to mention. Despite the simplicity of this pattern the facings were really nice. The front facing has a deep curve in it at centre front so the neck, which will gap a bit, never shows anything but a nice smooth finished face - so much better than similar necklines I have seen that just have turned and topstitched necklines.

My version of lounge wear.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I like your version. It does look very comfortable and perfect for leggings....I think the tabs look great where they are.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Barbara - this is a cute top and didn't noticed the buckles until you pointed them out! You look well put together, age appropriate and these leggings are working for you!

RuthieK said...

Comfy and you. Very nice :-)

Karin said...

Smashing loungewear! I skipped right by this pattern without seeing it's potential until looking at your version.

Eugenia said...

Fabulous top - it looks very comfortable but has loads of style!

Juliette said...

Started on it today (blogging away on Sewing and Stylel Den about it) Very simple and very stylish