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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ready to go

The mouse suit is done and I will post a picture once we get it on the mouse.

I also decided on my first shirt pattern, which is going to be this view with the big sleeves from McCalls 6035. 

I have had my eye on this for a while now and want to make this version because of the sleeves. Being tall etc. I don't see myself as a ruffly person but this has a shirt collar and is otherwise fairly tailored. I also have an idea that this blouse/shirt would be fine in many venues and might look a little more dressier than nothing for those low key coffee shop type holiday events.

Also I have some standard white woven broadcloth in my stash that I am going to start with as I wait for swatches from the outside world. It is fine enough to do the sleeves well I think, but too fine for some other projects I have in mind.

One of the concerns I have with white fabric is show through. I mean having your bra etc. show through is one thing, but having seam allowances show through is another - and a look I want to avoid. So I intend to get heavily into flat-felled seams and French seams in this project to deal with that. This will be a challenge in patterns like this one with princess seams.

Last night I cut out the pattern pieces and wrote my flat pattern alterations on each piece. I also went through the instruction sheet and circled instructions that worried me, that I liked, and some that I am just not going to do because I can recognize trouble when I see it.

I will be posting pictures of those notes.

I am also working on a pre-project template that goes something like this:

1. Why did you choose this pattern?

2. Where will you wear this?

3. Why did you choose this fabric for this pattern?

4. What aspects of construction are you looking forward to as you sew this?

5. What aspects of construction worry you? What do you think you might mess up?

6. Are there any instructions in this pattern that you have already decided to disregard? Are you substituting another method and if so what will it be?

7. How long do you think it will take you to complete this shirt or blouse?

Tomorrow I launch. As I will be back to my work week it will be tiny steps for a few days but I will try to do some sewing every day.


a little sewing on the side said...

That is a great style, I love it for all the reasons you mentioned. Perfect for a pulled-together look without being fussy at all. Feminine but not frilly.

I have also given thought to the see-through issue and I am seriously considering lining at least one shirt to see if I like it. I have nude colored rayon lining on hand. Might be nice. I do work in a very cold office (year round) so no worries that it would be too warm.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great pattern to start this off. I also have it and will probably sew it up but for my first pattern I think I will start with the Barcelona Blouse. I've had it for a while now and think it will be nice in white.


sdBev said...

Actually, those are very good questions to ask prior to every sewing project.