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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you Vogue for some new basics

 It was very nice to get up this morning and see that Vogue had some new patterns, all of which will fill some wardrobe gaps for me. The shirt above is multi-cup size - great, no time consuming FBA and the longer version will satisfy some of my longer-shirt-to-wear over narrow pant needs. Plus I am in a white shirt mood again.
 Since the last Vogue skirt I made with a raised waist turned out to be flattering, surprisingly, on my long waisted body I am ready to try more. Consider this also as part of my celebration that those dumb lowered waists have exited. I also like the fact that the detail is in the waistline so if this goes out of style I can still wear a top over it and no one would know, plus this would be interesting to sew.

Finally the long version of this tunic would work for me and guess what? Another multi-cup sized pattern.

No all I have to do is wait for a pattern sale. Wish the husband was still working close to a JoAnn's in TN, but BMV should come through shortly.

Now off to the dreaded housework and some mental sewing.


a little sewing on the side said...

I like those. That long tunic would work for me as a dress, too. Well, I mean, I would lengthen it. I am not saying I would just wear that as a dress.
;) But I think it would look good with bulky tights and boots.

How about you, would you wear something above the knee with tights and boots? (personally, I think that would look great on you)

Jane M said...

I'm in line at the next sale for that tunic version also. Of course, I'm such a slow sewer that I'll just hold onto it for a few years while it ages appropriately...and join the end of the fashion trend.

Karin said...

I am fed up with lowered waists as well. Bring on the natural waist again!

NuJoi said...

I'm waiting on the sale too. I love the knit top and pants.