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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Queen and sunscreen

A few days ago I had a bump burned off my nose and was sent home with instructions to stay out of the sun, wear hats and cover up. This was hugely dramatic news for me because of what it meant to my summer wardrobe. I went out of course and bought 5 hats but realized that hats, particularly the big ones, don't go with much. So I am thinking more summer dresses and of course gauzy type things. Yesterday I watched CNN and the oil spill and of course the reliable stash spit up about 10 yards of white crinkle cotton (amazing what I have literally stashed away around this house - this stuff was tucked away in a dresser behind the furnace) so I cut out a long sleeved sort of caftan type dress and then a top and pair of drawstring pants (don't laugh but this is my wearable muslin of my Jalie pajama pattern for me - I made DD a pair for Christmas and on her they were a great hit). It will be interesting how I get some style going on this.

Yesterday we went to our local swimming club (three outdoor salt water pools, that's where all the kids have learned to swim) with Miss Scarlett and all I had to wear was the hat, a long sleeved floral patterned blouse from whenever, and some loose linen pants. My DD said I looked like a some crazed gardener - not my look - so I have to get sewing.

Actually to join them yesterday I was a no show at the Lieutenant-Governor's by invitation only garden party which I suspect a former boss got me invited to (he's the premier - for those US readers this is the same as the governor- he always remembers me and I think sometimes wishes I was still there working myself to death for him) but I have my priorities and that Miss Scarlett is pretty interesting. The L-G is a bit of a character though and it might have been fun. One of the things she did when she became the Queen's rep in Nova Scotia was to get her own coat of arms made and at the top of it she put her house cat, who is her best friend. And I wouldn't joke about a thing like this, I mean if it was me I might work Mr. Rascal into the heraldry, as significant as anyone else.

However in the mail this morning I have another invite to a reception with the Queen when she is here the end of the month which I might go to. I hear she is large busted and always, always wears princess seams and essentially the same TNT. I would like to know if that is true. The invite says "semi-formal with decorations" and it's for 8:00.

I suspect what they have in mind as decorations aren't wearable art, which actually was the first thing that popped into my mind.

So if I decide to go what should I wear? What would you wear?

I am thinking probably not the Jalie jammies.


Audrey said...

If by queen, you mean Elizabeth, how exciting! What will you wear to that type of event? The instructor of my bodice pattern drafting class suggested we look at pictures of Elizabeth and observe the styling details of her suits. She mentioned some of the same things you did about the queen's clothes. She described the queen as "deep bosomed" and pointed out that her custom made jackets always have princess seams to facilitate fitting that kind of figure. She pointed out that the jackets quite often have a slightly scooped neckline designed so necklaces will be displayed nicely. And sleeves hemmed at wrist length, again so that fine jewelry bracelets and watches will be displayed to full advantage. It was an interesting discussion and prompted me to take more notice of clothing styling details and body types of public figures. There was also an interview of the queens tailor in Australian Stitches a number of years ago that was an interesting read.

Barbara said...

Very interesting, and yes I mean Queen Elizabeth although I am not sure I would be more interested in Latifa from the clothing point of view. Now I think I need to go and check out the fit. Thanks for the information, appreciated it.