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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jalie 2921

I decided that I needed to start cutting into my stash in advance of some serious fabric shopping I intend on doing when my daughter, Miss Scarlett and I hit Winnipeg to see my mother, sister, nieces and nephews next week.

I have had my eye on this top for a while as it seemed to me to have the potential to look like a professional style work top for school and still have the comfort of a T shirt. I am always on the look out for patterns like that. I move around in the class room a lot, sit on desks and have to get dressed fast for early classes.

I have had this quite nice, heavy rayon knit lurking around from Fabric Mart for a while and since it has a slightly retro print to my eye it seemed like a good fit for a pattern that I also felt had a slight 50's feel to it.

I enjoyed sewing this. It is always nice to work with a pattern that has some clever instructions in it and Jalies usually do. The burrito style way the collar is attached is really cool and gives a nice professional result.

One word though about the back neck and about fit.

Jalie drafts for the small boned Quebecoise body and the arms are slim and so is the upper chest and shoulders. There is considerable negative ease in this top, which might be fine around the bust but not so fine around the waist and hips. I suggest you disregard the measurement/size advice and flat pattern measure and figure what size to cut out yourself based on the knit ease you are comfortable with.

If you don't have out of shape thin arms like me (and note these sleeves are skin tight on this body) you might even want to morp the neckline and collar onto a TNT with good sleeves to save yourself some aggravation.

This particular knit was not super stretchy, a bit flaccid in the recovery so the one thing I wish I had done was to stretch the back neck of the collar about 2 to 3 so it would hug the neck better. I am going to do that in the next version and see how that goes.

Also yes the scarf is long and I suggest you measure it off with a tape measure and hang the tape measure around your neck to see what you think before you commit.

Myself I am tall so I like the length and I think it makes me look cool. Yes I know.


a little sewing said...

I like your top and your review and I agree with everything you said! (I have made this top, too)
Your fabric looks very nice with this style. And, yes. You look cool. Good to know.

Linda T said...

I, too, love this pattern, and agree with your observations. I had to go up a couple of sizes to be comfortable in this one. That said, I love it now!