Monday, June 28, 2010

Down to the royal wire

I got home last night from my family visit to Winnipeg and looked again at this invite to the evening with HRH.

Turns out it is tomorrow night and Babs hasn't even cut out her dress except for a few pieces. Also had the sense to email someone I know at the provincial protocol office (and how tedious a job must that be) because I heard you always have to wear pantyhose to see the Queen. I told my contact too that I was going to wear a sleeveless dress and she emailed back "a wrap would be lovely" which I guess is protocoleeze for you need to cover those arms. I feel like Michele Obama. I wish.

Rats. I am  not giving up on this pattern because I made a muslin so I am going down to the store now and looking for some kind of chiffon I can roll hem into a wrap.

Time is of the essence now and I am also thinking I am not all that much of a monarchist but if I don't go I won't see what everyone else is wearing.

Got to run.

Talk soon.

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