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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pattern crazy

So much for deciding that I was going to work on a few TNT and stay there. That is still the base plan but I am very impressionable to new ideas. It only takes one meeting with highly-corporate-ladies-in-suits to have me spend about $60 on patterns.

For the first time in a long time I was actually cheered and inspired by the new season's Vogue patterns. Good thing because lately there hasn't been much with style or at least any applicability to my little life. More and more I am facing the fact that if it isn't comfortable I am not wearing it, and if it takes two months of hard tailoring to finish I won't be doing it until I retire and then I won't be needing clothes like that anyway. My life in fact is one long search for easy patterns that still look sharp. I refuse to believe that this is not possible.

So here were my Vogue picks including a coat that I love - I have been holding off on a coat sewing until I found a pattern that didn't make me tired just looking at the instructions and also looked comfy enough to want to throw on but also looked stylish enough that the first thing you would think about when you saw it was't "Well that was a quick and easy pattern". I think this one does, or will do, the trick. 

I have also ordered a couple of handbag patterns including one that was on the clearance part of the website to make use of all the fake leather stuff I bought in Winnipeg.

I also have been staring this week at 3 yards of wool jersey I bought from Fabricmart a while ago in shocking pink. I had some idea I was going to make a jersey dress out of it but that would have been a lot of bright pink Barbara so I threw it into the washing machine a couple of times and felted it. Looks pretty good. Of course that got me online again for a boiled wool jacket pattern that didn't look too dated and that let me to Trudy Jansen  and I ordered her European jacket pattern yesterday too. I have never tried her patterns so thought I would do one with sort of expendable fabric and see how it went. Of course being boiled wool and unlined it should be easy and comfortable. Now will it have style is the question.

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