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Sunday, March 8, 2009

On those arms

On and off on the sewing blogs there has been debate about whether or not Michele Obama should cover up those arms. From style experts on her strong arms have caught people's eyes and attention. All this in a society that is training teenage girls that cleavage falling out of wonder bras is OK in class.

This morning Maureen Dowd in the NYTImes said it best. I hope hers is the last word. Here is what Dowd wrote:

During the campaign, there was talk in the Obama ranks that Michelle should stop wearing sleeveless dresses, because her muscles, combined with her potent personality, made her daunting.

She ignored that talk, thank heavens. I love the designer-to-J. Crew glamour. Combined with her workaday visits to soup kitchens, inner-city schools and meetings with military families, Michelle’s flare is our depression’s answer to Ginger Rogers gliding around in feathers and lamé.

Her arms, and her complete confidence in her skin, are a reminder that Americans can do anything if they put their minds to it. Unlike Hillary, who chafed at the loathed job of first lady, and Laura, who for long stretches disappeared into the helpmeet role, Michelle has soared every day, expanding the job to show us what can be accomplished by a generous spirit, a confident nature and a well-disciplined body.

I also have no doubt she can talk cap-and-trade with ease and panache.


ACorgiHouse said...

I totally agree. And I left you a Sisterhood Award on my blog, you have to go back a post or two to find it, I got distracted. Sorry, but it's there. K

gwensews said...


Nancy (nanflan) said...

I don't get the whole bare-arms controversy. Michelle O has a good physique; why is showing strength a bad thing? She's definitely nudging me to the gym.