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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm back, sort of

Why I mean sort of is that I have been sewing, sewing when I should have been blogging, I guess but have left my camera at work and have nothing to show you.

That will happen.

I have been busy sewing up the cotton summer dresses in the fabrics pictured in the last post. It makes such a difference to have things cut and the edges serged, and also when you know that the pattern will fit. The ease of this has me thinking again of choosing patterns that can have many incarnations. I have realized that for the time being at least I might be what you call an incremental sewer, slow progress made by a bit here and there -staycations are rare.

I was also overcome last weekend by the need to sew something instant. After fitting this dress to death and by the pants sewing experiment I just wanted to whip something up. I figured that a couple of skirts would make sense but for some reason sewing plain old skirts doesn't excite me much. I had three pieces of rayon and something with a little stretch in it, in tan, black and grey so in the end I decided to make the world's easiest skirt.

Thing is that my below the waist figure is pretty boxy. You could more or less run a ruler down from my waist to the floor along my hip so I opted for elastic waist straight skirts. One seam no less with an extension down at the bottom for kicking room and a vent. I sat down with a tape measure around my hips which I figured gave me my minimum width, and added about 1 1/2" for ease.

I am pretty pleased with the result and eventually will show you a picture. Now I am not going to revert totally to elastic waist skirts but they have their place and the fabric is nice. In most of my tops, which I wear out, you can't tell that's what I have on and they are comfortable. I will eventually make some proper fitted, lined skirts out of my wovens but for now, as a bit of wardrobe adding, these are just fine.

Sometimes I feel like making a new recipe from a cook book with new spices I have to go out and buy. And sometimes I'm thinking a decent tomato on a grilled cheese is just what I need.

Nothing wrong about that.

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