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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Two, on the TNT

As I write this my husband is shelling lobster to make a special pasta dinner for us for Valentine's day. After an extremely busy couple of months and lots of eating out we are going to spend the evening together, watch "W" on the DVD and maybe hold hands until I decide it is time to knit and Rascal jumps on my husband's lap.

I once asked my husband why he married me. 

When we met I was a frazzled 45 year old single mother with an old dog, three teenagers, and a house that had been only partially renovated and then left. When I asked him this he just looked at me like I was crazy and said "I figured I had better marry you before you got snapped up." 

He has no idea.

What I would say about my husband is that he is the kind of guy who always comes through for you. You can count on that, you can count on him. I have to say that it makes an enormous difference to have that in your life. All the difference in fact.

Another thing my husband has brought to this house is his cooking. He feels about food the way I feel about sewing. But he does it differently.

When the  DH gets on to something he doesn't let it go until it is perfect, and only then will he move on to something else. Like the time he wanted to perfect his pizza crust and we had pizza every night for three weeks, with different things on top of course, but we had so much pizza the kids were bringing home extra people to eat it. We were giving it away. Of course I have to tell you it' s the best pizza in the world, and that's a field with no small competition.

And then there was the pita phase, the bagel phase, the halibut phase, the duck phase... 

I think you get the idea.

It has finally dawned on me that what this man is doing is perfecting his TNT patterns. Once he has the recipe all ironed out it goes in the inventory and it's there to be pulled out when that is what he feels like on the day, and he knows before hand that it will turn out exactly how he wants it.

Contrast this with my own style of cooking that is more random and involves new recipes picked up and let go before I understand them. Much like how I sew.

I need to do some more figuring out on this one.

In the meantime it's time to eat. My dinner is calling.

Happy Valentine's day. Who would have thought, at this stage of the game, that there would be so many nice surprises.

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