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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big news on the pivot and slide front

I got off work a couple of hours early on Friday and after tossing my candy into a big bowl by the door and moving my pumpkin out (we get an enormous number of kids every year) I started to stitch up my P&S pant test. 

This is an extremely odd way of approaching pattern alteration but because it was so strange, pretty interesting. There was also a quick and easy aspect to cutting the alterations into the fabric as you go that appealed to a time-challenged sewer like myself, although of course if this works I will be doing this on paper.

The concept of using a pattern 2 sizes smaller was also interesting, and I am not sure exactly how when you really have to add so much, this works, but the idea of working off the actual pattern by pattern direct measurements is interesting. There is a potential to respond on a case by case basis to patterns rather than trying to implement the same alterations to very different patterns, or pattern lines, that appeals to me, and of course this might, if it works, open up the possibility of making a wide range of patterns  work.

OK back to the test. When I made them up and was standing at the door when the spouse came home, they actually fit really quite well. "Darts look good," said my husband who was pleased with his ability to make a relevant comment. I was pretty thrilled so left him to deal with making dinner, trick or treaters, and a fox terrier tied up the fridge door as we could not explain to him why all these strange people were at the door, while I ran down to Fabricville to pick up some "good" fabric.

I cut a pair out yesterday and but lost the rest of that day to the new leaf-vacuum-mulcher my DH lovingly bought me as a present.

Today I will finish those up and post a picture for comment.

And then on to Wild Ginger.

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