Friday, October 10, 2008

Duct tape pattern back crotch

Last post or two I showed you the front crotch shape of my duct-tape knock pants pattern. This is the back crotch. Interesting to me how each really is so much more extreme - the front short and quite straight, the back quite L shaped and definite - than any of the crotch shapes in the patterns I have used in the past. Since you have a good idea of how my great old body is shaped it is interesting to see how this is reflected in the pants.

Before I go there I want to add my observations on the tape method. 

It was really easy but as I have said before not super precise for details due to my inability to really smooth out all tape wrinkles. Taping across the top of the back with my husband the sport stretching the elastic for me was a bit of a challenge, both technically and maritally (the spouse is an engineering inspector and is often under the impression that his advice is good advice) but we did it.

The best thing I did I think was to apply vertical strips of tape down each piece which helped to hold it all together when it was time to peel the tape off the real pants.

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