Friday, September 12, 2008

Good for your heart in the morning

My son in London sent us this clip this morning. Did my own heart good and worth sharing I thought. You may have already seen it, if not here we go to a Link


Heather said...

Hi from a fellow Nova Scotian seamstress! Yes this video was very heartwarming and brought more than a few tears to my eyes. By the way I am also in your same age group and also trying to define how I want to look going forward.

Barbara said...

Glad you liked it Heather. And yes figuring out how to look great as we hit prime time is important. Hopefully our sewing should give us a way to express how we want to be and look at this age, otherwise we might as well shop at Winners (Target to my US friends) and make quilts. I have decided to focus on fit and working out a style that evolves with the trends. Have a way to go.

Nice hearing from you.