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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weddings and crafts

I am behind in my sewing since I got back from my trip, but all for very good reasons. In four weeks my beautiful daughter is getting married to a great, great guy and good friend of everyone in the family. I am so happy. 

Of course weddings are a bit of work. We are having the wedding as sort of a big family reunion at an old fishing camp we had family holidays at when the kids were younger. It has a main lodge and 20+ cabins built 1920-1923 around a lake. You can see it here  Milford House. The upgrades have been minimal since it was built (think moose heads over the fireplaces, docks and canoes) but the place is rustic, charming and to us, familiar. We are planning a 2 day get together for family and friends and Katrina will be married on the steps that come out the back porch. The big plan is for her brothers to each open one of the double screen doors, she will pause at the doors so we can all see her, come down the steps, turn and get married. 

Now having explained to my mother how her granddaughter is getting married in front of screen door and not an altar, even I could see that didn't have a lot of presence. So I got the bright idea that I would make a swag thing out of tasteful fake plant things and have my husband get up on a ladder and hang it off the gutter above the door on the back of the porch.

So off we went and bought a bunch of stuff that looked green and we hoped rustic.

The problem is that although I sew I have zero, or less, skill as a crafter. I am the sort of crafter who used to take her ribbons to the fabric store and ask my friends there to tie my bows for me for wreaths.

However my motto is "how hard can it be" and I attached the greenery with a few miles of green wire and the tin snips this afternoon into sort of an arch. It really is a lot harder than I thought to do this stuff. First all the flowers were on one side, then the only thing you could see in the middle of the arch was a sort of bird's nest of green wire, then it drooped up and then too far down, and then it was too symmetrical, and then not enough, and finally about 4:00 I gave up and we decided who looks up at the gutter over a porch at a wedding anyway, and we took this picture of Katrina holding up the Wedding Arch. My husband should have fun nailing it onto the gutter. Of course with such a beautiful bride who will look at anything else, at least that's what I am hoping, particularly in reference to my sister the florist ...

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