Thursday, January 5, 2017

Neat way to install zippers in bags

I am in no way a quilter. In fact the sister who is staying with me is, beautiful quilts she makes, but the one time we tried to collaborate on a quilt for our parents she sent my half of the blocks back as rejects.

Enough said.

I am the garment sewer, right?

That said I love new techniques and enjoyed this tutorial on putting in zippers in little pouches, of the sort an organized gift giver and probably with quilter's mindset would have on hand.

Pretty nifty.

The addition of the tabs on the ends eliminates messy zipper ends. Interesting.


BarbaraShowell said...

Jenny is wonderful, and if you ever get an itch to make a quilt, she is the Betty Crocker of quilt making! By that I mean you have more work and creative input than by buying a precut kit and putting it together, but she does make it as easy as cooking with a box of ....!!!!!

I think she's a national treasure. Glad you discovered her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this tutorial.
You are a great teacher with a personable attitude and have sure picked a wonderful useful tutorial with a teacher who has your style. I have never made anything like this, would like to, and now hope to in the future, for myself and for gifts. With appreciation and kind regards,
Lynda from Toronto

ps Wishing you happiness, good health and success for you and your family for 2017 and beyond.

LisaB said...

I must preface my comment by saying that my internet in the rural area in which I live is not sufficiently speedy to watch the video you posted, so what follows may just be a repeat of the content I wasn't able to see.

Bags and zippers in bags are something I want to work at this year. I followed along with LiEr when she did her Zip-a-Bag series last year but didn't make time for it in 2016. LiEr (aka Lorraine) shows how to insert zippers in many different bag styles, and her work is quite clever. There are 26 separate posts. Here's a link to chapter 1.

I didn't find an all-in-one page for the zip-a-bag series, but anyone who is interested can pull up all posts with that tag.

This post shows all the bag styles in one photo, but it doesn't capture all the interesting openings.

SuzieB said...

Good tutorial-
Barbara, did you use nylon or metal zippers in the leather bags you made? (Sorry if you already addressed this in your post)

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

Thank you for posting this tutorial! Love the tabs! :-)