Saturday, March 7, 2009

Therapy sewing

I have had an intense week.

Some health issues in the family turned up and my after work hours have involved a lot of thinking through the information, listening lots and trying to say and do the right thing. I'm beat. I think that things are going to work out fine but this is no weekend for me to attempt anything that requires major brain power. That's used up for the moment.

So guess what? I'm doing the dreaded bedroom curtains. Usually the long straight seams of home dec bore me to death but mindless sewing is particularly appropriate at the moment. A plus will be that once this is done it will be behind me.

Off to indulge myself by setting up the iron in the living room close to the TV and kitchen and to just sew.

Back later.

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ACorgiHouse said...

Hope it works out OK. I named you for a Sisterhood Award, you can pick it up on my blog. K