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Monday, July 26, 2021

Wardrobe by me patterns

I love patterns and buy a fair number of them but am fairly cautious about new Indie lines. I like to make one pattern in a new to me company to test the fit and construction before I buy any more from them.

In the last month I have made two Wardrobe by me patterns, both men's shirts.

The first one was the going away shirt I made for my son a couple of posts ago from this pattern:

The second shirt was from this pattern, it's a linen shirt he will pick up when he is home from Texas this coming weekend for a wedding. He wanted it collarless so I just used the band and left off the collar:

I am very, very pleased with both these patterns. I sew a lot of shirts for my adult sons and I always struggle with finding a pattern that gives close to RTW fit. Too many of the shirt patterns I have tried are too boxy and sort of look dated to me.

These two patterns for a more casual shirt, totally nailed it. The draft was wider at the shoulders than the hips, which helped with the boxy problem, and the pieces just glided together exactly. Zero struggle to put in the sleeves, attach the collar or band to the neckline etc. - all the pieces just fit so well. The results definitely don't have that made by mom look, although of course they were.

This good experience makes me wonder about exploring this line further. I have my eye on this pattern at the moment:

 Has anyone else made any of these patterns? What are your experiences?



Marosie said...

I purchased the Bram Raglan pattern but have not gotten farther than tracing it out, so I am glad to hear your experience with their patterns. I have my eye on the Grace dress and the Rita Bombshell swimsuit pattern but really have to finish up some of my summer sewing before tackling any new projects!

BarbaraSews said...

I made the Linea A-line skirt with flounce. It was as you describe -- Went together flawlessly. I made it for my daughter. She loved it. I have a couple of the blouse patterns to try for daughter as well, but haven't done so yet. I'd been wondering if my first good experience would hold true to additional patterns. Glad to hear that is likely to be the case. Btw thanks so much for your efforts in blogging. I look forward to and enjoy your every post.

Charlotte said...

Karina of did an extensive review of the Tropicana Shirt pattern:

beckster said...

There are 3 reviews for this dress, all on They are very positive, but there are some caveats. I really liked all 3 makes. I have not used any patterns from this company, so I can't provide any further information. I also love your posts, find them always informative and entertaining. Thanks for continuing to blog!

kitty0313 said...

I have followed your blog for *years*: it is always such a delight to find your posts in my inbox, and a particular joy during our extended periods of physical isolation. Thank you so very much for sharing both your wisdom and insights: they are gold!!

You may like to see recent comments on the Mirri dress at:

Jenny said...

I haven't made any of their patterns but on you tube Lifting Pins and Needles has a few different videoes as well as Sew Sew Live. Both experienced seamstresses imo.

Peggy said...

I made the Serenity Sweater and was thrilled with it (the instructions, the process, the fit, the look). I hacked it with a front band using instructions from Karina of Lifting Pins and Needles. My review is on Pattern Review. I just purchased the Savannah Shirt on sale and it may skip to the top of my queue.

I'm reading your book now and even though I've been sewing for over 35 years, I'm amazed at all I've learned. I look forward to the release of your new one.

Anonymous said...

All your hard work on perfecting your shirt making skills and finding and fitting patterns has really paid off. I'm looking forward to what's next - hope things stay stable in CA so you can travel there at last!


Anne said...

I sewed the Ziggy Hoodie for my father and was very pleased with the pattern. I measured it against his favorite sweatshirt and it had essentially the same shape, so he was very happy with the end result.

Lori Bee said...

Hi Barbara! I have made a couple of things from Wardrobe by Me which I thought were quite good. I posted about them here:
and here:

Carol said...

Hi Barbara,
I've made the Asta dress for my daughter. She loved it so much I made several more. One was from a printed Liverpool knit and it was beautiful on her.

Kathy said...

I have made the Mirri dress. I found the fit was accurate and it has good coverage for a mock-wrap dress. The waistline is a bit high, but for me, that’s the narrowest part of my body. And there is helpful information on the website (I recall a SewAlong).