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Friday, April 12, 2019

Flypaper thoughts almost home edition

  •  Day after tomorrow we will be back on my street
  • Already doing some re-entry adjusting
  • Wondering if there will be mouse poop under my pillow like there was two years ago
  • This year I took my pillows with me
  • Tried to debrief our time away with my husband tonight
  • What did you enjoy best I asked?
  • Well everything he said
  • It was all great
  • That man enjoys himself no matter what
  • But that doesn’t lead to in depth debriefs
  • So I will do that with you
  • I learned a lot
  • For instance that there is a real bird called a road runner who runs around Texas
  • At top speed, including through our campsite
  • Identical to how they look in the old cartoon
  • Can’t say that about everything
  • I learned that if you decide you need a haircut and you are in the middle of nowhere
  • The dog scissors, an RV bathroom, and no glasses
  • Are not an ideal combination
  • If you had to have two out of the three I would say to keep the glasses for sure
  • And go for the mirror a probably
  • Try to sub the dog scissors
  • Might not be doing head shots in my next round of garment photos
  • I learned that the ticks you catch on your arm
  • Really look a lot like the pictures in the doctor’s office
  • And that Texas is absolutely full of wildflowers in the spring
  • Even the cacti
  • Completely amazing
  • The desert does bloom
  • I learned that it really is possible to be flat out doing next to nothing
  • So you can just stop worrying about that one right now
  • Retirement is covered
  • I learned that cowboy boots actually look pretty sharp with summer dresses
  • And that I absolutely have to get some next year
  • And that the age you really shouldn’t been wearing them
  • Is probably the exact same age when you no longer care
  • I learned that the sight of a granddaughter who is completely and absolutely identical
  • To her father when he was the exact same age, yesterday
  • Is both comforting and awe inspiring
  • And exactly what you were meant to see this time round
  • Now it makes sense
  • I learned that any place called a Washeteria probably has dryers that only do High Heat
  • And that there is no fabric on earth that doesn’t shrink or pill
  • But that there is so much entertainment at the Washeteria that this seems like a small price
  • Besides that 85 year old man who assured me he was a cowboy
  • Thought I had class
  • You go where you can get it
  • I learned that it is possible to be very happy with your spouse
  • In a very small space for two months
  • If he is a very good cook
  • And you are knitting
  • I learned that the sound of rain on a metal roof is still sweet
  • And the stars are still there
  • And marshmallows burnt on the outside
  • Beat any dessert anywhere else
  • And that you just pull the twigs off
  • If you need to
  • I learned that showers don’t have to be long
  • That leaving your watch at home is fine
  • That going for an after work walk with a son
  • Is worth the 2,500 miles it took to get there
  • But most of all
  • That if you let everything just stop
  • It doesn’t matter one bit


Sarah Wale said...

Sounds idyllic! Happy homecoming and don't try to come back to earth too soon, just enjoy the memories for as long as you can.

Jacq C said...

Please pass on my thanks to your husband, I am grateful he doesn’t need an in depth debrief and so you share it with us 😁

Summer Flies said...

I love reading your blog."That going for an after work walk with a son
Is worth the 2,500 miles it took to get there" will always be true.

Kansas Sky said...

I'm so glad you traveled so far south, and that I could catch you for a moment as you meandered by. What a lovely trip you've described, and the joy of it can make us all smile. Godspeed on these last miles home.

MaryEllen said...

Safe travels - I have t always commented but love these posts ! You have such a great view & sense of humor

Sherry said...

Love, love, love your Flypaper Thoughts!

beckster said...

Sounds like you learned or had reinforced all the most important things! Happy trails.

Unknown said...

This is exactly the Babs i love to read!!

Taja said...

Travel is lovely, but returning home is the cherry on top of the sundae--or something along those lines! lol

You will find roadrunners throughout the southwest. Frequently at a more casual pace. Typically, mama followed by babies, just as you would see ducks and chickens with their offspring. :)

Hopefully, you will be able to visit--or at least drive through--other areas in the southwestern US in the future.

Glad both you and your DH enjoyed your trip. Not to mention Miss Daisy!

https://gwenvankleef.blogspot.com/ said...

Flypaper poetry. Thanks, I needed that.