Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Great response back from Bootstrap

Hi folks. Excellent answer back from Bootstrap on the Vado jeans photo, now posted in comments in preceeding post. Since these folks are a start up I am definitely going to be seeing a pair of their jeans as soon as I source materials. Stay tuned.


Lara said...

I will be trying Bootstrap jeans soon too. I want to see how they fit a short chubby girl woman with a thick waist but comparatively slim hips! I might try a flare with a medium rise. Looking forward to seeing yours!

Anonymous said...

I have had GREAT success with Bootstrap patterns and their customer service is exceptional. If I were not losing weight right now, I would buy every pattern. It's economical and the fit is superb.

Brooke said...

Thanks to your post, I just bought a pair of the Bootstrap boyfriend jeans--and got a message from Yuliya asking if I needed any help! Thanks for turning me on to them, and good luck with your jeans.