Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New and improved placket pattern

My dear husband got up this morning and looked at my last night posted pattern and said - are you nuts?

So he redid it more professionally for me this morning, being someone who works with engineering drawings.

Thanks kiddo.


Angela M. said...

Never mind - feel free to delete the previous comment - as soon as I hit send I realized I was being dense and needed to go back to the original post. OY! So, tell hubby it looks GREAT and thank you so very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Barb, you will have to hire that good man when you write your book.

Happy New Year.
Donna E

Anonymous said...

How funny! But I've learnt that's how geeky types show their love.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I realise I didn't add my name to the last comment.