Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quick thought

I am in the middle of making the first of this season's Christmas dinners but had one thought to share, something I read today that seems sewing relevant:

Only do what only you can do.

Translate that to sewing.

I will be posting a few shots of recent projects once the recipients have opened the presents tonight that is if it all fits.



Anonymous said...

Barb, I think I will get those words on a sampler and hang it in plain view. It is either that or have it tattooed on my forehead. And I don't like needles.

Hope everything fits.

jirons42 said...

WestJet must be a great airline. I loved your son's story and now the WestJet Christmas gift story.

LinB said...

There needs to be a corollary: "Never be the only one who can do what only you can do."( If you make yourself indispensable, you'll never get to stop pushing that big stone up that mountain.) Have a holly jolly time with your kinfolks.

patti said...

Here's what I really want to know-
Have you made the Style Arc Barb pants, named after you? I am thinking of making my first Style Arc purchase, but I'm waiting to see what you think of it! (by the way, visited fabric mart--after your recommendation--- while driving my daughter to an internship. It was as awesome as you said. I cannot believe the deals that are not online!)