Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Road trip

I haven't blogged for a bit because things have been active:

  • my husband is home at the end of his third winter away. I have learned to live alone, a life stage I skipped up to now, and learned too that the absolute happiest I am is when I am doing my own thing (translate that to fooling around in my sewing room) with the sounds of someone else knocking around the house and interrupting me.
  • my youngest son was in a terrible car accident, failure of a friend's vehicle, a limited concussion but otherwise fine, back at work today. All four of them are OK. A miracle. That cat has many lives and don't think I'm not counting them. That's all I can say.
  • I am wrapping up work before heading out Friday for a month in Tennessee and two months, with family visiting, in Florida. I am so lucky to be working online until the fall because I can go off and do things like this. 
On the sewing front I have finished those 12 pairs of StyleArc Peta pants/capris/shorts.

I fully realize this is crazy but I am just so pleased I can make pants that fit that I couldn't stop. One of my sisters said to me, "where are you going to wear all those new pants?"

"Around," I said, "around."

It has to be the crotch curve and here that is:

Flat short front crotch and L shaped back - it works on a lot of women

I am currently involved in the usual paper stopping - mail re-routing - dog food buying - clothes packing jobs of getting ready to go away, which in my case also involves intensive discussions about how many machines and how much fabric to bring. This is where I am so far, piled up in the grandkid's room:

It is a delicate balance between enough to keep me busy and not so much that this stops feeling like a vacation. I am going to be with a golfing husband after all and Mr. Rascal, and have my daughter Misses Scarlett and Heidi and my son-in-law down for three weeks, and hopefully my mother-in-law and sister-in-law too.

I realize that for many people time away involves beaches and books and quiet time together but that's not just us. We have in fact never really had a holiday without family and I have never gone on a vacation without a sewing machine.

I have been thinking about this lately, seeing many early retirees around me, and have realized that my life is always going to be about an entourage, always going to be busy, always going to have sewing going on in it when a rational person would be doing something else.

And I will keep working, I like it.

I will tell you a story about work off site.

About a year ago I was on the road and teaching online. One night, just before I was due to go live with a class, we got stuck in one of those awful rush hour traffic jams on the Baltimore DC corridor. My husband is never late, always precise, and more or less was losing it with trying to get me to the hotel so I could use the wireless. 

When it became clear that wasn't going to happen I looked around and noticed we were driving by some pretty fancy suburbs.

"Those folks all have to have wireless," I said "Take the next exit."

So I put on my headset, opened my laptop, and put it on my lap and we drove around until we picked up a signal.

So if you looked out your window a year ago and saw a car parked in front of your house and a stressed out man and a talking woman in it, that was just us, not some sneaky security firm.

I got my class taught without a hitch, went online two minutes before the start time.

The class was, coincidently, called "crisis communication."

Off to the dentist now.

Talk later.


Jodie said...

Oh man oh man.....just about snorted coffee out my nose there...great story about you and your husband and "borrowing" wifi!
Your vacay sounds fun, as I teach in a classroom (darn high school/jr. high kids) wish it was possible right now. Enjoy your escape and try to get a picture of you in a pair of your Peta pants. Everyone says such good things...I may need to try these out!

LinB said...

Hurray! For a full life and places to go. Hurray! For knowing yourself well enough not to apologize for how you lead your life. Hurray! For wifi when you need it. Hurray! For a new pair of pants to wear each month this year! Have fun. Happy sewing.

shams said...

Borrowing wifi has gotten so hard to do now that everyone here in SF seems to lock theirs up. I, myself, was unlocked for years, but no more. :)

So glad to hear your son and his friends are ok!!! And enjoy your vacay. :)

Sharon said...

So glad your son and his friends are okay and have a fantastic holiday. Love the wifi story.

Sew Lady Sew! said...

Thanks for the photo of the pants outline. I was curious about a pattern that inspired 12 versions looked like. I have no doubt you will wear them all.

Glad to hear your son is okay. Enjoy your time with your family!