Monday, February 22, 2010

Here in Tennessee

Here I am now just out of Knoxville Tennessee in the first leg of my US spring break trip visiting DH who has been here working on a project since December. We are not quite sure when his company will be sending him back to Canada so we decided I should get down here to check out a part of the continent that is pretty far from Nova Scotia. 

I love it here and we have been having a great time. DH being the prince that he is has been doing what I want to do and that included a trip to the Yarn Haven in Knoxville. This place is fantastic.
Since I can't stand to not do anything with my hands, even when I travel, I decided that it was time I learned to knit socks. This seems like a logical step for someone who has mastered dishcloths. The nice lady in the Yarn Haven hooked me up with a nice pattern and some tiny circular needles (which I love) and off I went (plus a ton of other accessories etc. which I explained to my prince were really very astute investments). I can't believe that having already crammed my little house to the roof with fabric and I am now going to start on yarn.

Oh well I need something to fit into the corners.

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