Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off sewing

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and links to other posts. I case you are wondering where I am right now, it's off sewing. My work is busy right now but I have none the less joined up on the Wardrobe in a Week contest at Stitchers' Guild and am deep into trying to develop some true, TNT, to be slotted into the list below. I am making some hopefully blog worthy notes along the way and hopefully will be posting those next weekend.

In the meantime off to do buttonholes before my who-called-this-on-a-Sunday work meeting.

Back to you, happy sewing.


gwensews said...

Good luck with your TNT, and hopefuly, you'll get some time off of work to sew it up!

a little sewing on the side said...

How's it going up there in Canada-land? I am passing along a little award for you! It is the Attitude of Gratitude Award. Hope you are wearing and enjoying your spiffy new Wardrobe-In-A-Week!