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Monday, July 6, 2015

Yes folks we have a winner

I absolutely promise this is my last compression sock post.

Until the next time.

Finally found something that looks normal.

Seduction by Mediven in the colour Powder.

Sent to me by a rep in Quebec, but if you click the link above you will be able to see a link to a Canadian hospital that carries them. I have tried the Sheer and Soft by this company  from the U. S. and they are not the same.

But I am on tracking it down in North America although I will be able to get mine from Montreal.

Here we go with my great old Running Girls compression knee high for visual interest on the other leg:

Actually not a bad cure for elephant knees
The things I do for science.


annie said...

Now that looks good. Seems you may have hit the jackpot! Oh, stocking looks good too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

celkalee said...

You have that right! You are right on time with this post for many. A girl and her legs, it is all good.

kathysews said...

Will be happy to know where I can get these in the US! Thanks for "taking one for the team"

Anonymous said...

I am on my feet 8+ hours a day so I took your advice and got myself some compression socks. They are very helpful. I bought Sockwell's wool socks and Vim&Vigr cotton socks, both 15-20mmhg. I can report that the VV are firmer/tighter. Just wanted to add to your sock database and knowledge!

Laurie in Port Joli

MaryHelen Crowe said...

Are these thigh highs or pantyhose? They look great and I would like to have some in the US. Looking forward to more info. You have done a great service with your research. Thanks so much.

Barbara said...

MaryHelen these are thigh highs but also come in pantyhose, am going to ask the rep about US sources.