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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Follow up on the sock thing

I have to tell you that I was disturbed by some of the comments to my last post, the PSA on compression socks. 

What bothered me was that it was clear that folks who would benefit from these things weren't wearing them for all the reasons I gave - ugliness and, in so many of the medical supply types, a really tight band at the top that makes them so uncomfortable.

I have a feeling that I have found my causes. I will keep you updated on anything new on this subject that comes up if you are interested or not.

My public service activities appear to be rescue dogs and compression socks. A logical fit.

Being me, I have also read the peer-reviewed literature, and it is quite clear that compression socks on long haul flights can be a literal life saver, head off the development of further varicose veins, and in some folks as they get older, prevent or help heal some of the circulation sores you see on old folks' legs. 

Also they feel really great on if you have the right pair and are excellent for certain athletic issues and injuries, like pulled hamstrings, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. 

I myself usually am suffering from some sort of athletic injury. 

Whether it is dropping a 40 pound wooden cutting board on my foot and walking the treadmill so I could watch Craftsy classes instead of doing housework, having saddle sores from the exercise bike while binge watching Netflix, developing tendonitis and plantar fasciitis from fabric shopping in the wrong shoes, I am using healing from some adventure. Since I have been wearing these socks has really helped those situatioins too.  

So continuing to think about these things I am also posting pictures and links to another of my good sources, this time for plain old cotton or breathable socks from this place. The brand is Allegro and they are very cost effective:

They are unisex, I wear a small and my own knees are somewhat less hairy. My sock of choice for golf with shorts or a skort so comfortable.
Wearing the navy knee highs reminds me of my days as a Brownie and a Guide. When I think of it those times had their weirdness. Sort of a paramilitary look to the uniform and badges based in those days on housewife skills. Here is what we looked like then, and probably what I look like now when I am coordinated in my navy socks:

I wasn't an excellent Guide like my younger sister, who went on to great achievements or my mother who was a Brown Owl. Mainly the part I liked best was the sewing on of the badges and learning to do intriguing things like how to darn a sock over a light bulb (I still know how to do that but requests for that service have died right down).

But here I am back in the socks, all that is missing in the RV is a paper mache toadstool. Ta-twit-ta-twit-tawoo.

Tomorrow I think I am going to talk about crochet.


Anonymous said...

I like thigh high compression hose rather than knee high. This removes the problem of the too tight band at the knee. Footsmart.com sells a wide variety.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, and the commenters, for purchasing options. I don't wear them yet, but suspect they may be in my future.

Regarding that too-tight band at the top - doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of wearing compression socks? It seems like adding a band that wants to cut off circulation works at odds with the rest of the sock trying to make it easier for the blood to leave the leg.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you! I have been wearing these ugly things for 3 years now. My friend compared them to the cleaning lady character Ruth Buzzi played in Laugh-In. Charming. I have a different genetic disorder that was discovered 3 years ago. Explains plenty especially many miscarriages. They are hot and miserable to say the least but the pain is significant w/o them. I usually wear long skirts in summer which is cooler. So glad when the Queen told Kate to drop her hems!

Lyndle said...

Thank you very much for both these posts. You have sold me on these. We're doing a couple of 20 hour flights later this year (well, you do get a couple of hours on the ground after 13 or 14 ) but I will try to organise these before I take my parents to Australia (only five hours, but still) . Hopefully we can all be kitted out in pretty compression socks. Thank you!

Alison said...

I told my DH about your post yesterday & he nodded and said 'yes, my Dr said I should wear them'. But we all know he won't. Sigh.

Alison said...

I had a sudden introduction to compression socks after my uterine cancer journey, when removal of lymph nodes for testing left me with resultant lymphedema in both lower legs. I can either wear graduated compression socks every day for the rest of my life, or suffer the consequences of uncontrolled lymphedema... I wear the socks! I am grateful that there are some that are available in more fun colors and patterns, since I was afraid I would only be able to find that horrid "flesh" color that matches no ones skin tone. I don't like all the difficulties of actually getting them on, how spendy they are, or how hot they are in the summertime, but keeping my legs in good health and allowing me continued mobility, is worth all the aggravation. My doctors have also said that getting people to comply with wearing them is really difficult.

Anne said...

Yes, I should wear them. I have problems even getting ordinary tights on. For golf, I wear 1000 Mile support socks which I find great.

M-C said...

Thank you for those so informative posts. I'm getting varicose veins, I only do too-long flights, I'm sure a couple pairs wouldn't hurt me when applied judiciously.. But I also have a lot of problems with too-tight tops, they totally defeat the purpose as they -cause- blood stagnation worse than would occur naturally. I'm lucky though in that I almost always wear pants, so I've been known to take the scissors to those top bands. You don't have to take them off entirely, just slash judiciously at regular intervals, vertically all the way through the band. The tight tops I think are a manufacturer's attempt at fixing things when they don't get the graduation right, and good graduation means the socks stay up naturally.

I have to thank you also not just for this PSA, a real service indeed, but for your description of athletic injuries. So much like mine I couldn't stop snorting my breakfast all over the place :-).