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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flypaper thoughts: very long catch up version

So much gone on and I feel I have too many post fragments in my head, so I think I will switch the blog back on with random stuff rather than try to organize it.

Sounds like a plan?

Here goes:

  • We are in Florida now
  • RV park on the beach 
  • Two story deck with power on our site with a view of the ocean
  • I can sew up there
  • I just love it here
  • Who would have thought?
  • Living half outside and half inside suits me
  • Husband has calmed down from anxiety this was going to be a dumb idea
  • My oldest friend Sue died just before we left
  • One of those 24 hour septicemia things
  • In our first year at university she gave me the Vogue Book of Sewing
  • So glad it still has the card in it
  • Her husband died when she was 33
  • She never remarried or dated
  • Figured when you have done perfect don't mess with it
  • Never had any kids, had just retired
  • Once arrived at her house with three kids with stomach flu and a dog with the runs
  • She laughed the whole time
  • She knit me knee socks when I was 20
  • In the house she lived in alone there was a different sewing project in every room
  • All unfinished
  • Made for the most interesting house tour
  • When she walked into a room she used to say "Howdy sports fans"
  • She was the first person to feed my children goldfish crackers
  • Only person I ever knew who got a degree in commerce by taking every course twice
  • Family of big business people
  • We used to walk the streets and plan on dumping university and doing textiles at the community college
  • Were going to open a yarn and fabric store
  • I used to wake up at night with my mother sitting on my bed saying: don't ever quit university
  • I am still here mom
  • Used to go to her job as an accountant in knee socks
  • Who does that?
  • Sue
  • For thirty years
  • There is a woman here staying in an RV with three wire haired fox terriers
  • I kid you not
  • I'm going to write a sewing book
  • In chapters in .pdfs
  • Couple of bucks
  • Get what you want
  • Or not
  • Years ago once sent a book idea to a publisher
  • Got back, are you nuts?
  • Want to write a sewing book that is nuts and not have to explain it
  • In an RV husbands say things like: do you need all these shoes?
  • Answer is, I actually think I need more
  • Next
  • Going to be working on the Laurel dress pattern here too
  • Ebayed some wonderful machines 
  • A vintage Bernina and two mint Pfaff sergers
  • One going home for my daughter
  • Got real lucky with them
  • Michele if you french seamed knits we need to talk
  • Hang in there, I am going to write a chapter on knits for you ASAP
  • You got me started
  • I am actually crocheting a top
  • Taken me a thousand hours and Craftsy to get this far
  • With any luck it will turn out as well as something made in China for $10 or bought at the second hand store for $2
  • Saw some pelicans flying today
  • Best sight in the world
  • Mary Jos in Charlotte lets you take in dogs
  • When they say "What a sweet little baby girl" you know you are no longer in the North
  • Found new places in the garment district
  • Holding off on my mother of the groom dress until I discuss with the bride's mother
  • Going up to spend Easter with them in Maryland
  • Hard to envision yourself in beige and grey when you are a shocking pink sort of person
  • But understand I need to blend in the pictures
  • Friend of mine went to her son's wedding in black with a huge ruff standing up on the collar
  • Looked like Darth Vader actually
  • Not such a good idea I thought
  • Realized she was in Australia and the wedding meant son was staying in Canada
  • But really
  • Be a sport
  • She was such a nice girl too
  • When you say all you want is for the kid to be happy
  • You are supposed to mean it
  • And not wear black
  • My plan so far is to buy two years of every expensive beaded lace thing I can find
  • In different colours
  • And then to regret 
  • Or change my mind
  • Quite the fire sale I am going to be having
  • Before you buy yourself any fancy fabric you might want to check with me
  • Give you a good price
  • Remember my great foot injury?
  • Slow to heal
  • One thing led to another and turns out I have vein in my leg that's shot
  • Superficial clot after baby number three 
  • C section and in those days they said you just lie here for a week and relax
  • Three hours after the big fix up I was making the rounds of the floor and not making any sense
  • Genetic clotting disorder that rarely, but then, kicked in
  • Not a problem dr. said
  • Just wear compression socks forever
  • Got a blank look when I said how am I going to rock that?
  • Working on that
  • No beige little numbers for me
  • Maybe there is nothing wrong with knee socks
  • Nothing at all


Sox said...

Flypaper responses
-I'm happy to hear you are enjoying the sun.
-A .pdf book sounds like a marvelous idea.
-these compression leggings aren't beige (unless that is what you want)
I'm getting some to wear with sandals this summer to stop my genetically weak veins from getting worse. Plus it helps with fatigue after standing all day. Happily my local sports medicine store carries them. If you are already in the States, you are good to go!
-Looking forward to your continued posts.

Susan C said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend. Sue sounds like a wonderful person I would have liked to know. Thanks for telling us about her.

Linda T said...

That Sue sounds like a one in a million friend. So sorry she had to leave you too soon.

annie said...

So sorry about your friend.

I've never been able to hang on to one that long.

Mary Jo's is great.

While in Maryland go to G Street in Rockville.

And maybe Fabric Mart which is in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you lost your friend. It's always such a strange thing to be sitting in sunshine when you are sad. Like, "how can it be sunning right now?", right? But I hope it does keep on sunning upon you until you are warm through and through. You need that now. My thoughts are with you.

Bunny said...

so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. It sounds like you had a wonderful, lifelong relationship full of laughs and love. How lucky you are!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog and today was extra special. I read this out loud to mu husband.

Sue said...

I hold my friends close to my heart. I am sorry your friend is in your wonderful memories, and not sitting next to you. I was going to tell you how much I love your "flypaper posts" and then thought it was inappropriate, and then realized that it might be okay to mix the good and bad up in one comment. Thank you for sharing your life.

Sue said...

PS. Runners wear compression socks in all colors. I think any running/sports store would be proud to have you as a customer. Also have found them here in interesting designs. http://solutions.blair.com/catalog/search.jsp?form_state=searchForm&keyword=compression+socks

Nope, not affiliated with the link or any running stores. Just wanted to help in some way.

Elle said...

I'm sorry you lost Sue so suddenly. She sounds like the very best friend a person could hope for. I think the salty tears/salty sea is just the place to be right now. Perhaps some knee socks in her honor?

Lynn said...

So sorry you lost your fabulous friend. I had to dream of leaving the university and going into textiles all alone.

I'm looking forward to your book--a wonderful idea!

Judi Pinkham said...

Beautiful "random" thoughts!!!

ACorgiHouse said...

I'm sorry about your friend. Florida is great when everyone else has snow :)

When in Maryland, if you can, hit up Michael's Fabrics A Fabric Place. Unbelievable stuff.

SunnyTechGirl said...

I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend, Sue. I'm sure that you were looking forward to moving into the retirement stage of life together.

Anonymous said...

You have honor your friend Sue so well.
Being in Florida must be nice.
Hawaii is not that great. Yet, hawaiian cows have ocean view too.( its raining cats and dogs for three days). I have cabin fever, one can only drive east, west 200 miles around and you are back where you started
So glad to read your blog.Have fun in Maryland.
My apologies for telegraphic writing.
Thanks for sharing
Aloha from Josie

Anne in Melbourne said...

Dear Barbara

I am so sorry about the loss of your friend, she sounds very,
very special
Please accept my sympathy.

I am looking forward to seeing you
rocking compression socks. None of
us are getting younger and we may need a trail-blazer to assist with
the styling of various health-related products and devices.

SuzieB said...

I'm interested in how the Laurel dress pattern turns out for you. Some of the online photos of it are great - but as always, everything looks good on a 20 year old - size 4. Not sure how the front will turn out without waistline darts for shape (see size 4 reference above!)

Hope you had a good time at Mary Jo's. It's how I feel a fabric store should be-sewing related-without primary school craft supplies & lawn art. (Angrily shakes cane in air and shouts, "You kids get off my lawn")

I'm very impressed that you are crocheting a garment! I could never make anything fit.

patsijean said...

I am so sorry about your loss. The grief manifests that feeling that you have lost a part of yourself, and you have.
Regarding that foot issue, I would make my own tights, and Jalie has a very nice pattern, so is the Alice pattern, with an actual heel. http://marillawalker.blogspot.com/2015/01/alice-tightsleggings-pattern-launch.html. What fabric you say?
Some more: http://twoontwooff.blogspot.com/search/label/Funki%20Fabrics

Lisa MacDonald said...

Sorry to hear of your friend's passing.
Loved your blog...
Enjoy the sunshine!