Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas morning communication: how to make crab apple jelly step one to three

Here we go with my step-by-step instructions for making crabapple jelly - something you can't buy in the store.

The jelly or the instructions.

First of all wash and cut the blossom and stem ends from about 2 kg. or 4.5 pounds of crabapples, about 5 cups. Cut the apples roughly into about quarters and put in a big deep pot with 7 cups of water. Boil until they are real mushy about 50 minutes or so.


Put the mushy apples into a jelly bag and hang over night.


I filmed this last step sideways for interest.


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annie said...

Happy Christmas. Hope it was a lovely peaceful day for you and your familial You bring so much laughter and cheer to your readers. Thank you.