Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still knitting that sweater

Only three days to go until the birthday.

I was thinking if the baby was in Brownies I would have badges I could sew over the mistakes, but as she is turning one that isn't an option. And I wouldn't be much of a grandmother if I wrote on the card "here you go this nearly killed me."

Seriously though I have learned a lot and the next one, if hell freezes over, would be perfect.

I recommend Crafty workshops though. Gives you somewhere to post messages like "someone help me" and "never mind I just read the instructions."

So that's the life update, apart from my job, which I am doing between rows, and the fact that I am pretty sure I put in a massive order to StyleArc in my sleep last night.

I will sew again.

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Jacq C said...

I am having such fun reading your archive posts, I nearly choked on my tea with this one - 'here you go, this nearly killed me', priceless! I have a vintage, double breasted dressing gown I have promised to make my brother - I think it could be in this category! :)