Friday, September 30, 2011

Sewing presents

I think I mentioned last time that I make a lot of my Christmas gifts. Primarily because if I make it folks are too polite to say anything except it's wonderful, and secondly because I find that whole stores-at-Christmas thing so depressing. Carts piled high with weird stuff and and Visas being handed over with slight pauses.

It's not so much that kind of world these days.

In my early morning cruising with coffee this morning I came across this site which has collection of interesting small pattern companies, many of which I didn't know. 

It's another interesting reflection of the new sewing world of young mothers. The Etsy girls -  good basic sewing skills who are adding in a lot of personal creativity in that place where many of the rest of us invested our time in carefully reading instruction sheets. The projects are easy and, considering the demographic, highly focused on bags, aprons, and children's gear.

It seemed to me this morning that if you have a huge gift list like I do, some of these patterns might be good for knocking off some quick projects.

I was particularly taken for example by this applique whole cloth quilt, which since I am not a quilter, has huge appeal. Looked to me like something my kids would go for:

What do you think?

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Belinda said...

Love the design! Simple, yet sophisticated.