Thursday, October 21, 2010

I saw a witch yesterday

Seems a good month to do it.

The dogs and I go for walks along a trail in the woods. Yesterday a woman come onto the trail out of the trees. If she wasn't a witch she was sure dressed like one - long black dress, boots, big purple hat. Carrying plants and a big rock. Maybe one of those folks who went to university in the 70s and has the same wardrobe.

I don't know.

The thing that was interesting was how the dogs reacted. Birdie, who is usually a very shy dog, and walks around strangers, ran up to her and in fact jumped up to her and tried to lick her face - he never, ever, does this. Rascal, who is less bright and usually far more suspicious (of the when in doubt bark school), ran up to her absolutely delighted and quiet.

I remarked that this was all very unusual behaviour for them.

"I am just letting them know I recognize who they really are," she said, before she crossed the road and disappeared into the woods.

This made me think.

How many people do we all run into during the course of the day that we don't really see and acknowledge? Don't focus on and consider who they really are?

Is there magic in that?